Upland Game
We love pheasants.
But we no longer raise them on the current farm.
After several seasons on the Oregon farm, we
made the decision to relocate them to a friends
farm in a warmer, drier climate. Our pens here
are well situated to keeping ducks - but sadly we
do not have enough sun for pheasants.
We do however have friends that raise them so
if you are interested, contact us and we will be
happy to refer you. We have raised wild,
domestic and exotic pheasants.
The turkeys that we keep on
Raven Feathers Farm are
heritage breeds:
  • Wishard Bronze
  • Blue Slate

Since one of our friends is a
turkey farm, we don't breed
them here - only keep what we
need for 4H breeders and meat
Occasionally we have pea
fowl at the farm. We
usually don't keep them
here at Raven Feathers
Farm but instead re home
them to friends with
farms better suited to
these beautiful birds.  We
have kept India Blue, Java,
White and Pied varieties.
Guinea Fowl
Strange little soldier birds with the
weird calls... Yes we have kept them, bred
them and loved them in all their various
We call them pop-rocks since the
eggs look like little rocks and they
pop out of the shell and run like hell.
We have raised Coturnix, Jumbos,
Bob whites and Texas A&M.