Eggs are sold either on the farm directly or
he local farmers markets.
 Duck Eggs
 Goose Eggs
 Chicken Eggs
Fertile Eggs are sold directly. Prices are based on
the variety of duck. We supply chicken eggs for
school incubation projects free of charge.

Have a special breed that you need incubated? We
run incubators from March through September. If
you need to incubate eggs, contact us directly.

Ducklings are held at least three days from
hatching so that we can be assured that they are
eating and drinking properly before going to their
new home. We incubate ducklings only from our
show quality breeders. All ducklings are sold as
straight run.
Prices are dependent on breed and quality.
Minimum order is 2.

The goslings we incubate are from show quality
stock. We only sell goslings after they have
reached a stable point in their development and
are eating, drinking and grazing on their own. We
are not taking pre-orders for geese but you can
be added to the gosling list for available birds
this summer. Prices are dependant on the variety
and quality.
Minimum order is 2.

We hatch lots of standard varieties. Chicks are
available during hatching season straight run or
sex-linked. Price is dependant on variety, age and

Juvenile Birds
Juvenille birds are usually available during the
summer. Call us for availability.

Over the winter and early spring, we often have
adult breeders and yearlings available for sale.
Most breeders are sold in pairs or trios. These
are show quality or breeder quality birds. Price
vary depending on variety and quality. Pet quality
is available.

Meat Birds
We always have extra drakes. We sell them live,
directly from the farm for pets or meat. Normally
meat birds are available in late fall, winter and
early spring. Prices vary depending on the
approximate live weight and current market price.