Raven Feathers Farm
"Where the wild things live"
"Where the wild things live"
The charter of Raven Feathers Farm is to provide the best possible environment
for our unique flock so they may live long and productive lives. Raven Feathers
Farm breeds and raises wild and domestic ducks, geese and game birds for
exhibition, egg production and quality breeding.  
Our ducks are free range; fed fruits and vegetables from both our farm and
other organic farms. We use the best commercial feeds available as the
mainstay of our waterfowl diet. High quality, consistent, feed produces healthy
birds, high quality eggs and vital offspring.

To maintain the health and welfare of our flocks, we go to great lengths to
manage and protect them:
•        We use a 17% protein pellet as the mainstay of our waterfowl diet
We supplement the waterfowl diets with oyster shell for calcium and brewers
yeast for those important minerals - particularly selenium and B-complex
•        The ducks are fed twice daily in monitored amounts and grazed openly on
special field grass and cereal grains
•        No hormones, medications or pesticides are used in our feed, field or
•        Our husbandry program is well defined and monitored

The goal of Raven Feathers Farm is to get new aviculturists involved in the
preservation of unique waterfowl:
•        We are a founding partner of the Oregon Cooperative Hatchery Project
where interested parties can access our exhibition quality and heritage breed
waterfowl and poultry
•        We strive to help those interested in specialty flocks by making
ourselves available for education, husbandry and health practices
•        We are involved with 4-H throughout Oregon both as a source of animals
and as an information resource
•        We strive to be environmentally contentious. We actively work
with the State of Oregon Department of Agriculture, Contained Animal Feeding
Operations unit and various local and state agencies.

These next few years will mark growth and change to Raven Feathers Farm. We
have changed our current farm practice to match the times and economy of
Douglas County:
•        Our duck and chicken eggs are available directly from the farm. We have
temporarily suspended the shipping of eggs for eating due to economic times,
shipping prices and shipping practices.
•        We no longer sell at farmers markets. Gas prices, market fees and time
away from the farm have contributed to this decision.
•        We flatly refuse to charge more for eggs than we feel is right. Eggs are a
renewable resource and should stay affordable.
•        Extra eggs are given away to food banks, shelters and families in need

High quality offspring are available to interested parties by special order. We
refuse to breed indiscriminately and are not selling hatching eggs for wild or
exhibition stock.
•        Ducklings, goslings and chicks are available by special order and limited
•        Fully grown exhibition stock and standard farm stock is available
•        We continue to take unwanted ducks, chickens, geese and game-birds as
part of our rescue and rehabilitation program, Raven’s Haven

We have installed gardens at the farm. We are growing produce to supply our
local area families and supplement our flock’s diet.
•        Fruits and vegetables grown on the farm will be available for sale
•        Garden space has been made available for locals who wish to grow their
own produce

We, at Raven Feathers Farm, sincerely hope that we can help you experience
waterfowl in a positive way.  

Peace & Blessings