Raven Feathers Farm keeps flocks of Grey Mallards, Snowy Mallards and White Mallards.  All of our
Mallards have full flight capabilities and travel back and forth across our farm in flocks.
The Domestic Mallard is a larger variety of Grey, popular as back yard pets. The hens are great
setters, excellent mothers and feisty protectors of their young. We use domestics frequently to brood
eggs, raise and foster hatchlings.
The Wild Grey Mallard is native to the Oregon wetlands, distinguish by it's small stature, dark bill and
noisy disposition. Our wilds work the steams and ponds on the field, occasionally flying to the river at
the end of the property. We have worked with the wilds for many years and when called on, can hatch
replenishment ducks for waterfowl organizations like International Bird Research and Rescue.
Snowy Mallards are native to Minnesota and the Great Northern regions of the US and Canada. They
are beautiful birds, small size and stature as their wild grey cousins, without the attitude. Snowy
Mallards tend to be calmer and stay closer to home.  Snowy Mallards are the sport variety of the wild
Grey snowy and are show quality.
White Mallards are Mallard in every way - these white birds are kept close to the farm and mostly
used for Hatching. These are pet quality.
Vying for attention
The morning bath
Snowy Drake
Snowy hens
Snowy hen
Wild Trio
Hiding in the pennyroyal
Young Drakes