Welsh Harlequins
Piglet - a Gold WH
Welsh Harlequins are a sport variety of the Khaki Campbell. The ducks
are wonderful layers, consistently laying a larger to extra large egg.
Harlequins come in two varieties: Silver and Gold. The Gold variety
being the original color.
Our experience with the Welsh Harlequin is that these ducks are very
gentle, to the point of being skittish. Easy to manage in large flocks,
they do well on small farms - but are not great open field foragers -
preferring to be fed rather than look for food. This natural tendency to
follow food makes Harlequins easily tamed and trained.
Harlequin's love water and mud. They require plenty of water for
drinking, washing and playing in. Pools are preferable for these birds.
Faster running water only gets them in trouble as they do not fly and
are not strong enough to swim against active currents in live water.
The drakes of Welsh Harlequins are beautiful - and they know it. The
drakes are amorous, attaching themselves to hens of any variety.
Welsh Harlequin hens 'play' at setting nests. Often they will build nests
and become broody - but often get bored and leave the nest before
hatching. To alleviate this problem we hatch Welsh Harlequins in our
large incubators and raise the ducklings in brooders and baby barns.
We have Gold and Silver Welsh Harlequins, both show quality and
hatchery quality.
Young Silver Welsh Harlequin duck
playing in the mud.
Young Silver Welsh Harlequin Drake