2016 Goslings
About ordering Goslings from Raven Feathers Farm
Keeping geese is a commitment. Domestic geese live an average of 15 years and can be a very
stable member of any flock - where it be other geese, ducks, 4 leggeds or humans.
  • We only sell goslings in pairs.
  • We sell goslings only after they are exhibiting proper growth, health and vigor.
    Sometimes this means weeks, sometimes this means months before they are ready to go
    to their new homes.
  • Our breeding geese population are mostly show (exhibition) quality.
  • We sell goslings for pets and show only to homes that are ready to accept them. We can
    help you understand proper housing, feeding and raising geese.
  • We are frequently asked to re-home adult geese. If you are interested in adult geese,
    please ask us.
  • Yearling, breeding pairs of show quality geese are usually available in late fall on a first
    come, first serve basis.
  • We can not guarantee goslings will hatch on time or be in good health when they do. We
    take every precaution with the incubation and setting of goose eggs to ensure a viable
    hatch - but we can not predict mother nature.
We usually can begin hatching in April depending on the weather and laying pattern of the
geese. Contact the farm directly for pricing information and to get on the wish list for this
season's goslings.
This year we will hatch and have available
Standard Farm,  Grey Toulouse, Roman Tufted,
Blue Toulouse, Dewlap Toulouse, Embden
, and Brown Chinese.