2016 Ducklings

This year we will begin hatching ducks in March. Ducklings are available at the
farm or by contacting us for delivery options. Duckling orders can be placed in
starting in January 2016. All ducklings are held for three days at the farm to
insure health and vigor.

Ducklings are sold straight run. Sexed ducks are sold by special order only at
two to three months of age as we do not sex day old ducklings. Orders for
older sexed ducks can be placed directly with the farm.

Show quality ducklings are sold by special order at two to three months of age.

Welsh Harlequin
We will be breeding show quality silver welsh harlequins, gold welsh harlequins
(the original WH color) and non-show quality welsh harlequins. These little egg
layers will be available beginning in April.

Khaki Campbell
Khaki Campbells will be available beginning in April. These are non-show quality

Blue, Black, and Pied Muscovy
We will hatch Blue, Black and Pied Muscovies this year by incubator and
broody hens. Show quality muscovies are available in Black and Blue. Young
adult drakes and hens are available for sale in limited supply.

We will be hatching both domestic grey, wild grey and snow mallards this year.
We will be incubating domestic grey mallard eggs beginning in March.
Wild grey mallards and snowy mallards will be incubated starting in March.

Blue, Black, Brown and mixed non-show quality Runners Runners of all color
variations will be incubated beginning in March. Orders begin in January and
hatching normally begins in March/April. Put your order in early.

French Field Rouens
Our French field Rouens will begin hatching in March.
Duckling availability and order information